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Word from the Director

My name is George Bennet…I was born and raised in New Zealand. In a country with breathtaking scenery and a high level of education. I think because of this I was able to develop the qualities that help me I think because of that I was able to evolve into the qualities that help me show the perseverance needed to achieve ambitious goals today, but to put the emphasis on humanity and solidarity, as a priority quality in the conduct business at all levels. For a long time in the Monnaies field, I have met a large number of like-minded people with whom today we are linked not only by friendly relations, but also by high rates of well-coordinated teamwork. 

We implement our plans successfully and reach our goals quickly. And this has prompted us to create  Quwiex in 2021. We have a confident development plan, experienced professionals and a great desire to help people. I am sure that Quwiex expects a huge success and I invite you to join our family and feel the benefits of 

cooperation with the best representatives of the Monnaie trading and online investment industry.

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